Annalisa Calisti, MD, PhD Vascular Surgeon, Aesthetic Physician, Rome Italy

Often aesthetic physicians are like artists, living in a dream, the dream of beauty, of empathy with patients, looking for an aesthetic world, in the philosophic meaning of the word “aesthetic”

….but they have to live in a real world, where art, beauty and  pleasant feelings with patients don’t pay equipment for their  office, salary of employees and everything they need in their  life.

A too specifically business management approach,  beginning of an activity outpatient cosmetic medicine, could scare some physicians having often  an artistically messy world in their mind

Finally somebody was able to converge order, experience, elegance with a rare understanding of human personality in a precious book “ beautifully profitable”!

Thank you Cheryl Whitman for taking us by the hand gently but firmly, for putting order into our disordered projects

your book increases understanding and courage because it teaches us something that no one ever taught us.

So, we are ready to follow your precious advises.
Again, a valuable book