Beautifully Profitable, Forever Profitable Customer Reviews

Dr. Brian Kinney Reviews Cheryl Whitman’s Beautifully Profitable Book

Dr. Susan G. Murrmann Reviews Beautifully Profitable Book 4

A professional guide to aesthetics.

By Amazon Customer on March 13, 2017
As a pharmacist who has worked in the aesthetic field for the past 20 years I have found Cheryl Whitman has provided both the skill set and knowledge for running a successful practice. She combines internet marketing and social media along with the specifics on how to implement them into your practice. She answers all the questions asked by physicians , office staff and patients.

Great source of knowledge on how to have a successful …

By Amazon Customer on March 12, 2017
Very informative! This book answers a lot of questions. Great source of knowledge on how to have a successful business! A must read!!

An excellent read for aesthetic practices and can be applied to …

By Amazon Customer on March 12, 2017
Well written, practical guide on how to grow your practice and increase profits. Ms. Whitman brings her many years of marketing and public relations expertise which can be used by start-ups as well as established practices. An excellent read for aesthetic practices and can be applied to many business sectors.

Must Read!

By Amazon Customer on October 2, 2016
For anyone in the aesthetics business, this is a MUST READ!

Cheryl knows her stuff!

By Amazon Customer on September 30, 2016
When reading Cheryl’s book, Beautifully Profitable, I felt as though I was having a conversation with her. Her words, her knowledge, her no BS spirit, her wisdom. She offers her years of expertise in an easy to read and understandable format. As a Medical Spa director, I was fortunate enough to have worked directly with Cheryl. Now, anyone who is interested can benefit from her command of the industry she so deeply understands. From social media advise to bottomline profitability she’s your ‘ace in the hole’.

Wealth of Knowledge

By Amazon Customer on July 19, 2016
I met Cheryl in Las Vegas at The Aesthetic show. Wow, she is a wealth of knowledge. Anyone in this industry must buy this book!!

Amazing must, read!!

By Amazon Customer on May 3, 2016
After reading this book I realized how much more there is to know! Cherly is brilliant and has all the experience to help you take your practice to the next level, whether you want to create your own product line, or grow your practice and increase profits and new revenue streams this book can help you reach your goals.

Practical advice for success in medical practices

By Jeffrey Segal on March 20, 2014
As doctors, we spend all of our time learning how to help patients. We have no formal business training. We are not trained in marketing.

Some doctors will pick up this skill set over the years – either by finding a good mentor; or by osmosis. Most will continue “wandering through the wilderness.” This book provides practical, how-to advice on how to build, grow, and maintain a robust, profitable medical practice (focusing on an aesthetic practice – but the content translates well into other specialties).

If you’re the only doctor for a given specialty within 50 miles, then you probably don’t need this book. If you live in a major metro area with scores of competitors, you’d be well advised to read this book to learn how to differentiate from the pack.

Jeff Segal, MD

Forever successful in the beauty business!

By Dr. Janet Brill on January 19, 2014
Ms. Whitman has shared the best in business practices for the medical spa entrepreneur. With her years of experience and proven strategy for success all condensed into an easy-to-read and implement paperback, this is one read that will clearly lead to beautiful and sustainable profitability! Highly recommended.
Dr. Janet Brill
Nutritionist and author

Tips you can really use!

By Rose on January 20, 2014
Great book to build a successful medical aesthetics office or tweak an already established practice! .Cheryl has done a fantastic job sharing her methods that have proven success time and time again !

A Must Read Reference to Succeed in Cosmetic Medicine

By pz51 on October 14, 2014
Just as the title implies, Beutifully Profitable, Forever Profitable is an essential, well written guide and reference to developing and maintaining a successful cosmetic medicine or spa practice This book is a must-read for any practice endeavoring to enter and excel in the new world of aesthetic medicine.

Ms.Whitman brings expertise and many years of experience in assisting start-ups and established practices with their marketing and public relations. In this book, Ms. Whitman has assembled an up-to-date, well organized and complete guide for marketing the cosmetic medical practice or spa, for novices and veterans alike.

Having been in an all cosmetic solo plastic surgery practice for over 25 years, I read this book cover to cover in one sitting and dog-eared over 30 pages to re-read and develop immediate action items. I am getting copies for all my staff, to read and use as a reference for how to fulfill our potential and further succeed in a highly competitive environment.

Great information specific to the Med-Spa Industry

By Mark Slater on December 18, 2014
Running a Med Spa with multiple modalities and services is no small task. This book helps organize and compartmentalize all aspects of med spa business. You can use the book as a reference guide for tips and details when adding a service, hosting an event, or looking for an idea or message that may be the spark your office needs. Having a reference like this one is a valuable asset for me, as I am expanding my business. Reading a book that provides practical advice specific to this industry from an author as experienced as Mrs. Whitman helped me develop an outline and an ‘order of operations’ for expansion. The insights in this book have helped shorten the learning curve of the med spa business. The author also provides marketing ideas, handling employee issues, and no-no’s in this industry. I found this book at the right time.

This is a wonderful guide or “how to do it right for a cosmetic practice”

By Dr. V Brown on February 25, 2014
As a Canadian Doctor, we rarely learn practice management as most medicine is under some level of government auspices. What Cheryl Whitman has so succinctly managed to do in the case of practice management is to both teach and demonstrate the ins and outs of actually running a cosmetic practice from the medicine to the marketing. And as we are seeing more and more interest across the country in cosmetic options, this is a book for both the newcomer and a wonderful refresher for those already immersed in their business. A great primer, with practical, usable information.

Comprehensive Guide to Business Success

By Cesar Avila on March 13, 2014

As an attorney who specializes in counseling medical and non-medical providers in medi-spa ownership, I found Cheryl’s book to be insightful, educational and comprehensive. Cheryl provides practical step-by-step advice and guidance for increasing profitability in a highly competitive market without compromising quality service. Beautifully Profitable is an essential read for anyone who wants to learn how to succeed in any business.

Allyson Avila, Attorney
Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker, LLP White Plains, NY

Get Your MBA in the business of Aesthetic Medicine.

By KD Lighton March 21, 2015

Cheryl Whitman’s latest book is also her greatest. She leaves no stone un-turned in analyzing and discussing the myriad considerations needed to conceive, launch and operate a successful and competitive aesthetic practice. I have an MBA from a leading business school and have been in the Cosmetic Surgery / Med-spa space for 18 years and I learned some valuable lessons from this book! From novice to old-timer……..this book will be a great resource. Pick it up!

She shares her years of experience with tried and true methods that result in beautiful profits!

By Linda Gearke, Skin Care Branding and Marketing Experton October 12, 2015
Many of my clients are asking the questions Cheryl Whitman answers in this book. Rather than pulling at straws trying to decide if ‘this or that’ strategy will result in profits, Cheryl has taken out all the guess work. She shares her years of experience with tried and true methods that result in beautiful profits! Every aesthetician, dermatologist and med spa owner should read this book from cover to cover. I will surely be recommending it to my clients.

Great Book!

By Ronon February 5, 2016
This book is a great “how to” manual for improving the profitability of your aesthetic practice or medspa. Cheryl’s years of consulting experience have given her a unique perspective on how to eliminate inefficiencies and implement effective strategies to keep your office running smoothly and to keep your patients coming back. I highly recommend this book.

Best Business Tool!

By Amazon Customer on February 5, 2016
As a Territory Manager for a Pharmaceutical Grade Skincare line,I find this book indispensable for use in finding new and innovative ways to support my accounts.Cheryl puts a career’s worth of knowledge and expertise in every chapter.Thank you Cheryl for sharing your knowledge!!!

It’s a great read for both the new and established business owner

By Troy Momon February 8, 2016
As someone who has worked on the business side of the healthcare industry for 20+ years I’ve read many books and articles about making the business profitable. Cheryl Whitman really has her finger on the pulse of the industry and has put together a really impressive compilation of advice on how to grow an aesthetics or med-spa practice. With step by step suggestions on how to increase profits and how to build a successful business, it’s a great read for both the new and established business owner as well as for industry folks like me who are looking for a better understanding of what’s important to business owners in the aesthetic and medi-spa industry.

Shared Expertise

By Gina Miaon January 16, 2014
I read this book and gave it to a friend with a med-spa business. While much of the book applies to physician practices my friend called me to say how excited she was about all the information she is going to put to immediate use in her spa. This book is very well written and makes obvious the expertise of the author, Ms Whitman, in the field of aesthetics businesses, and also in being able to relate her experience and knowledge to other business people in the field for their advantage.