Press Kits For Physicians

Press kits provide a variety of material to the media for their publication, airing or background use. It can also be distributed at patient seminars and other gatherings where members of the press may be present. You may even choose to give a press kit to each of your new patients. The press kit is most often comprised of a two-pocket folder filled with a series of informational pieces about your practice. Of course, the goal is to create an immediate impression of professionalism and credibility for your practice


Press kits are usually composed of some or all of the following materials.

  • Cover Letter
  • Press Release (3 preferably)
  • Standard Brochure
  • Fact Sheet on Relevant Specialty
  • Quotes or Comments from Leaders in the Field
  • Patient Testimonials with Photos
  • Selected Press Clippings or Reprints of Articles
  • Reprints of Speeches
  • Photographs or Graphs, including Before and After photos
  • Biography of the Doctor, Spokesperson and/or executive director
  • A Business Card

It’s wise to make it a priority to have a press kit for your practice. Working with people and reporters may be difficult at times. As people field through the choices of physicians and reporters field through the burgeoning number of press inquiries each day, it is easy for your practice to get caught behind other press inquiries fighting for visibility. Often times, there is a low probability of a person to know what they need to make a swift well educated decision about a practice. A strong press kit helps to alleviate this strain.

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