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A former professional educator, Cheryl’s diverse background enables her to provide keen strategic insights, along with superior consulting support and business education – the kind that helps practices grow and thrive, even in challenging economic times.

Cheryl is donating a portion of her profits from this book to SIDS research and prevention, in memory of her grandson, and to MAZON, a Jewish charity that feeds the hungry without regard to faith or race, an organization on which her husband sits on the board.

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Announcing the New, Updated Fifth Edition.

Beautifully Profitable / Forever Profitable is the latest and last word on managing and marketing an aesthetic medical practice. The secrets revealed in this book will help you to both operate and market your practice just like it was a business – which is exactly what your practice is.

A Business.

For more than two decades, author Cheryl Whitman has been guiding aesthetic medical practices towards enhanced profitability. Under her guidance, they achieve profitability by delivering services that patients really want, and delivering them with a customer-service mindset that brings them back for more – and gets them bragging on you to their friends.

“We have added several new chapters, expanding the reach of our subject matter while, at the same time, updating our entire section on social media marketing. This is a marketing specialty that seems to change almost daily,” according to author Cheryl Whitman, CEO of Beautiful Forever Aesthetic Consulting, “and yesterday’s answers not only don’t work anymore – they might actually work against you.

“We now also cover project management, the financial opportunity that comes from adding stem cell treatments to your service mix, and the vital importance of patient relations services that generate profitable word-of-mouth, known in the trade as WOM.

“In this new edition, we reveal the three key steps to generating and sustaining strong media relations with radio, TV, news, magazines and internet media – all of them vital (and free) ways of attracting new business.

“We also explore the role of technology,” Cheryl explained, “looking at ways of maximizing the benefit of your investment in new technology. Speaking of new technology, we have a strong section exploring the exciting, game-changing new-wave skin-tightening treatment. This uses radio frequency technology to generate gentle, computer-controlled heat just where it’s needed to tighten the skin on the face and neck, the decolletage and even other, distinctively female parts of the body.

“We get practical with discussions about the best way to taking photos – the kind of business-generating before-and-after photos that make so much difference in attracting new patients – as well as the vital role played by patient communications, which are the make-or-break key to generating loyalty and referrals.  We even get into the profitable operational benefits of including mid-level extenders in your practice – addressing potential problems and offering state-of-the-art solutions to them.

“In all,” Cheryl said, “we have significantly strengthened our already strong book, offering a number of new features that all work to enhance the profitability of your practice.This book is available from

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