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Often aesthetic physicians are like artists, living in a dream, the dream of beauty, of empathy with patients, looking for an aesthetic world, in the philosophic meaning of the word “aesthetic”

….but they have to live in a real world, where art, beauty and  pleasant feelings with patients don’t pay equipment for their  office, salary of employees and everything they need in their  life.

A too specifically business management approach,  beginning of an activity outpatient cosmetic medicine, could scare some physicians having often  an artistically messy world in their mind

Finally somebody was able to converge order, experience, elegance with a rare understanding of human personality in a precious book “ beautifully profitable”!

Thank you Cheryl Whitman for taking us by the hand gently but firmly, for putting order into our disordered projects

your book increases understanding and courage because it teaches us something that no one ever taught us.

So, we are ready to follow your precious advises.
Again, a valuable book

Annalisa Calisti, MD, PhD

Vascular Surgeon, Aesthetic Physician, Rome Italy

Excellent roadmap for success especially in the medical field but the main principles apply to ensure a thriving business in any endeavor

By Bob B.

Cheryl Whitman is a seasoned professional who has managed to put together a book which will help a medspa or cosmetic practice get to the next level. She has packed the book with a great deal of helpful advice esp regarding social media. I especially found the advice on how to deal with a bad review online helpful.

By Dr Janet Neigel

In researching business advice before opening my business I found Cheryl whitman’s book. I found it extremely helpful. Her advice and suggestions have allowed me to avoid mistakes that could cost me a great deal in money and time. Cheryl’s management and marketing expertise works for any business….not just the beauty business.

By bgs (parkland, florida USA)

As a Canadian Doctor, we rarely learn practice management as most medicine is under some level of government auspices. What Cheryl Whitman has so succinctly managed to do in the case of practice management is to both teach and demonstrate the ins and outs of actually running a cosmetic practice from the medicine to the marketing. And as we are seeing more and more interest across the country in cosmetic options, this is a book for both the newcomer and a wonderful refresher for those already immersed in their business. A great primer, with practical, usable information.

By Dr. V Brown

Comprehensive Guide to Business Success
As an attorney who specializes in counseling medical and non-medical providers in medi-spa ownership, I found Cheryl’s book to be insightful, educational and comprehensive. Cheryl provides practical step-by-step advice and guidance for increasing profitability in a highly competitive market without compromising quality service. Beautifully Profitable is an essential read for anyone who wants to learn how to succeed in any business.

Allyson Avila, Attorney
Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker, LLP

If you are looking for a profit center by adding aesthetics for your practice or medi-spa, or want to enhance the profits of an existing aesthetics or medi-spa facility, Cheryl Whitman is your source. In her new book, Cheryl provides a clear road-map to success in these profitable areas of practice. If you are ready for a real pro to coach you moving forward, I strongly recommend reading Cheryl’s book and reaching out to her. You won’t be disappointed.

Brian M. Koslow
Strategic Coaching Inc.

By Bernard S (Miami, FL) 
This review is from: Beautifully Profitable, Forever Profitable (Paperback)
This is a terrific compilation of great information about the business of aesthetic medicine. A great plus is that I is filed with information that is immediately applicable. Glad to have it.

By GinaMia – 
This review is from: Beautifully Profitable, Forever Profitable (Paperback)
I read this book and gave it to a friend with a med-spa business. While much of the book applies to physician practices my friend called me to say how excited she was about all the information she is going to put to immediate use in her spa. This book is very well written and makes obvious the expertise of the author, Ms Whitman, in the field of aesthetics businesses, and also in being able to relate her experience and knowledge to other business people in the field for their advantage.

Ms. Whitman has shared the best in business practices for the medical spa entrepreneur. With her years of experience and proven strategy for success all condensed into an easy-to-read and implement paperback, this is one read that will clearly lead to beautiful and sustainable profitability! Highly recommended.

Dr. Janet Brill
Nutritionist and author
Cheryl Whitman’s new book,Beautifully Profitable, is an excellent source of information for aesthetic practitioners. It is useful for both the beginner as well as for the experienced practitioner. It provides a lot of insight into the successful running and marketing of a practice. The author’s many decades of experience in the field of aesthetics is evident throughout the book.

George Lefkovits, MD FACS- New York City Plastic Surgeon

By k gross on January 17, 2014
I highly recommend this book to anyone who is already in the medical aesthetics field or is looking to expand their practice in that direction… This book is filled with useful tidbits of information and ideas that I hadn’t even thought of!!
Can’t wait for the next one!

By Ned Barnett on January 18, 2014
I have been marketing professional practices since 1979, and aesthetic practices since 1984 – I’ve worked with hospitals, med-spas and many cosmetic and aesthetic surgeons and physicians – and with all that experience, I learned a lot by reading this book. I’ll be recommending it to all of my clients – it will give them a solid grounding for the aggressive marketing and promotion we’ll be doing, and that’s vital for success. I was especially impressed with the guidance on product- and service-sales (putting your staff to work as sales people), her insights into social networking and her recommendations and guides for working with ghost writers – even for doctors who can write effectively for consumers, the time involved is often prohibitive, and this “gives them permission” to work with a professional writer who can help.

A very good, comprehensive and eminently practical book.

By Dr. Janet Brill on January 19, 2014
Ms. Whitman has shared the best in business practices for the medical spa entrepreneur. With her years of experience and proven strategy for success all condensed into an easy-to-read and implement paperback, this is one read that will clearly lead to beautiful and sustainable profitability! Highly recommended.

By Rose on January 20, 2014
Great book to build a successful medical aesthetics office or tweak an already established practice! .Cheryl has done a fantastic job sharing her methods that have proven success time and time again !

“As healthcare continues to evolve, physicians and hospitals need to look for new ways to partner. Wellness is a great area for this partnership. This allows all parties to grow and flourish in areas more and more patients are looking for without having government oversight. As more doctors become aware that their practices are also retail businesses, they will find great help from Cheryl Whitman’s new book, Beautifully Profitable. In this, she guides doctors – and yes, hospital executives – on the business and marketing side of healthcare. Her focus is on aesthetics care, but her message applies much more widely.”
Bob Haley, FACHE, Executive Director,
Rainy Lake Medical Center, Minnesota

“I came to know Cheryl Whitman several years ago through her informative marketing presentations at some of my professional medical meetings. Since then our professional relationship has grown through multiple conversations which eventually led to enlisting her services to do some preliminary MediSpa development work. I have found Cheryl Whitman and the Beautiful Forever staff to be very knowledgeable, sincere and helpful and to have extensive expertise and experience in the practical details of developing a MediSpa.”
Christopher R. Hubbell, M.D., FAAD , Lafayette Lousianna , Founder and Medical Director

*Acadiana Dermatology, APMC , *a Jeuné Medical Spa

“When I think of the most savvy and smart, top business consultant in the Aesthetics industry, Cheryl Whitman’s name unquestionably rises to the top.
Looking back and having known Cheryl for nearly ten years, I wish I had access to a resource like Forever Profitable when I set out to launch my Hair Restoration practice back in 1997.
Running a smooth, efficient and quality-oriented practice is exactly what our patients expect–and deserve! However, whether it be a medical practice or medspa, the skills necessary to build a successful business are something they certainly don’t teach you in medical school or residency. Having trained many upcoming hair transplant surgeons and others adding Hair Loss Management or Hair Restoration services to their repertoire, I can tell you confidently that these business skills are sorely lacking in the aesthetics industry.
The alternative to acquiring these critical business skills results in downward spiral of inefficiency, cutting corners, price erosion and skimping on quality and patient care… not good!
For physicians and others navigating the highly competitive aesthetic marketplace or looking for that head-start without having to rely on “the school of hard knocks” like we did, I recommend you get to know Cheryl! I strongly recommend her new book, Beautifully Profitable.”
Alan J. Bauman, M.D., Diplomate, American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery – Medical Director, Bauman Medical Group – Hair Restoration for Men & Women

“Too many aesthetic and cosmetic physicians and surgeons in private practice tend to forget that, in addition to treating patients, they are running a retail business offering services and products. For them, Cheryl Whitman’s newest book, Beautifully Profitable, will serve an invaluable tool. Through the pages of this book, she guides physicians through the basics of business and marketing, before offering them a road-map to new profit centers, as well as clearly describing practice-building techniques. Highly recommended for every doctor – not just in the aesthetics field – who is in private practice.”
Dr. Robert Bergen, MD, Founder, Retina Associates of New Jersey

“I know that social networking and managing patient testimonials is supposed to be vital to my practice growth, but not only didn’t I have the time, but I didn’t have a clue about how to successful manage this strange new world. With a new cosmetic center opening soon in VA I found my answers in Beautifully Profitable – and I will be implementing those answers beginning today. Working with Cheryl has helped guide me on the right paths to success.”
Dr. Soheila Rostami, MD, Cosmetic Surgeon, Eye Specialist,
Reston Virginia, Washington DC Metro Area

“Maximizing staff motivation to improve product and service sales can been a challenge, but Cheryl Whitman’s new book, Beautifully Profitable, has given me some very useful guidance. Many parts of this book will help others, but this section was right on-target for my current needs.”
Dr. Kalpana S. DePasquale, DO,
St. Augustine Ear Nose & Throat, St. Augustine Florida

“What do you think is the most visited page of every plastic surgeon’s website whose Analytics I’ve seen? Do you realize just how very important having a pristine gallery is in your overall marketing plan? Think about it. To viewers, quantity and quality is an indication of how successful the practice is. It’s time to be brutally honest and take a good look at your gallery, both on your website and how you present them during the consultation. Cheryl Whitman’s new book will help you make these assessments, and so much more.”
Candace Crowe,
Candace Crowe Design

“Cheryl Whitman and her team of consultants were of great help to me in setting up and coordinating my consulting business. My company would never be where it is today without Cheryl’s extraordinary business savvy. Thank you Beautiful Forever!”
Dr. Janet Brill, Ph.D. Nutrition & Fitness Expert, Writer, Speaker, Spokesperson, Consultant, Educator