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Just as the title implies, Beutifully Profitable, Forever Profitable is an essential, well written guide and reference to developing and maintaining a successful cosmetic medicine or spa practice This book is a must-read for any practice endeavoring to enter and excel in the new world of aesthetic medicine.
Ms.Whitman brings expertise and many years of experience in assisting start-ups and established practices with their marketing and public relations. In this book, Ms. Whitman has assembled an up-to-date, well organized and complete guide for marketing the cosmetic medical practice or spa, for novices and veterans alike.
Having been in an all cosmetic solo plastic surgery practice for over 25 years, I read this book cover to cover in one sitting and dog-eared over 30 pages to re-read and develop immediate action items. I am getting copies for all my staff, to read and use as a reference for how to fulfill our potential and further succeed in a highly competitive environment.