Alan J. Bauman, M.D., Diplomate, American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery – Medical Director, Bauman Medical Group – Hair Restoration for Men & Women

“When I think of the most savvy and smart, top business consultant in the Aesthetics industry, Cheryl Whitman’s name unquestionably rises to the top.
Looking back and having known Cheryl for nearly ten years, I wish I had access to a resource like Forever Profitable when I set out to launch my Hair Restoration practice back in 1997.
Running a smooth, efficient and quality-oriented practice is exactly what our patients expect–and deserve! However, whether it be a medical practice or medspa, the skills necessary to build a successful business are something they certainly don’t teach you in medical school or residency. Having trained many upcoming hair transplant surgeons and others adding Hair Loss Management or Hair Restoration services to their repertoire, I can tell you confidently that these business skills are sorely lacking in the aesthetics industry.
The alternative to acquiring these critical business skills results in downward spiral of inefficiency, cutting corners, price erosion and skimping on quality and patient care… not good!
For physicians and others navigating the highly competitive aesthetic marketplace or looking for that head-start without having to rely on “the school of hard knocks” like we did, I recommend you get to know Cheryl! I strongly recommend her new book, Beautifully Profitable.”